Engineers are behind new solutions to building problems.


Gaps under floorboards can hurt the environment

If surfaces are uneven and damp, construction workers may use suspended flooring to help build safe and level floors above them. However, this means that the space between the floor and ground allows cold air to enter houses and can cause heat loss. This is bad for the environment and can increase the cost of heating a building.


A messy job

Insulating homes with suspended wooden floors often involves removing furniture, carpets and floorboards, then cutting and fitting insulation between floor joists before refitting the floorboards and carpets, which can be an expensive, time-consuming and messy process.


How can robots help?

Engineers have invented Q-Bots - robots that can install underfloor insulation without messy construction work.


Robot number 1: SurveyBot

SurveyBot can be put under the floorboards and can enter inaccessible and dangerous areas such as crawl spaces, cable trenches and sewers.

SurveyBot can see in the dark and has multiple sensors. It creates 3D maps with visual and thermal information.


Robot number 2: SprayBot

Spraybot has sensors and a spray turret. This has an automated spray-nozzle and applies thermally insulating material to the underside of the flooring. It can even climb over obstacles because of its powerful motors and suspension design.


Saving the planet, saving money

Q-Bot is now working across the UK as part of a drive to address fuel poverty. The aim is to save people money and reduce carbon footprints.





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