Public Transport Guru

Aoife Considine is a railway engineer who ensures the safety of trains.

Like a doctor - with trains for patients

If a train comes in with a fault, Aoife works with the maintenance team to help diagnose the problem and work out how to fix it. You can learn a lot from what’s gone wrong, and then you know to check other trains so the same thing doesn’t happen.

When it goes wrong

Extreme weather often comes with dangers. During bad snows, water can damage the electronics. When things are running smoothly, Aoife knows she is doing a good job.

A real mix

Aoife studied in Ireland and took the Irish Leaving Certificate. She studied physics and maths, as well as art and languages. This blend of subjects made her a better engineer as creativity and communication are essential in engineering.

Dancing and curiosity

Aoife was never one for tinkering with engines or building radio sets – she preferred to dance. She was always curious about the world and enjoyed logic puzzles and riddles, which is why she studied mechanical engineering.

Impacting thousands

Aoife knows her work matters to thousands of people every day and helps people’s lives run smoothly.