Research Work

Navid Khordehgah is a Mechanical and Aerospace Engineer who develops ways to improve fuel efficiency and reduce CO2 emissions.

Energy Efficient Device

During research into methods of reducing carbon footprints, Navid developed a way to reduce pressure drag by designing a device that improves airflow. The award-winning device was designed using computer modelling software before wind tunnel testing.

School Choices

Navid completed a BTEC Extended Diploma in Engineering with Distinction, benefiting from the practical approach to learning typical of BTEC qualifications.

After college, Navid studied Aerospace Engineering at Brunel University London where he is currently working as a Doctoral Researcher, conducting research studies on energy efficient and sustainable technologies.

Internship Opportunities

During his degree, Navid worked for Bosch Thermotechnology Ltd. as an intern, working on different projects in lots of teams, taking ideas from prototype to manufacture.

Favourite quote…

Albert Einstein once said “Scientists investigate that which already is; engineers create that which has never been”, and that is what makes engineering interesting to Navid.

Engineering is a way of thinking

Navid sees engineers as artists more than mathematicians or physicists. An engineer uses their creative imagination to view the world in a different way and, through the skill of art, designs and creates something new.