Making eco-friendly transport more accessible, affordable and easier could make a world of difference. People with electric bikes cycle considerably more on average than the regular bike owner. So how to make more drivers, and more regular cyclists, choose their bikes more often?

Dmitro studied engineering design at the University of Bristol where he learnt about robotics, electronics and product design. He loves building things and using technology to create something fun that is good for the planet.

He joined Oliver Montague who was also passionate about the environment and cycling. They created Swytch. The Swytch eBike conversion kit can be used to turn a regular bicycle into an electric bicycle. The lightweight, durable, hand-held kit is easy to fit, quickly removable and works on any make of bicycle.

Converting existing bicycles into electric ones is more energy efficient than building an electric bike from scratch. Dmitro wanted to make the benefits of electric transport accessible without the costs. Its system provides up to 250 watts of power and a single charge can last up to 50 kilometres.

Electric assist unlocks extra range and provides a convenience to travelling that allows people to use their bicycle as a primary mode of transport. Through converting bikes into eBikes they aim to contribute to a more sustainable transport system and be part of the bigger picture of combatting climate change.

Engineers like Dmitro are making a difference by making travel more fun and greener.