This is Engineering Day

This is Engineering Day celebrates the work of engineers in the world around us.

Save the date: 3 November 2021


This year, This is Engineering Day lands at the start of COP26. COP26 is the United Nations Climate Change Conference. (COP stands for Conference of the Parties) The UK is hosting the conference this year in Glasgow. It is a chance for all UN countries to agree on how to tackle climate change. More than 190 world leaders will arrive in Scotland to set goals for 2050.

Meeting the COP26 ambition of making the world net zero by 2050 will affect us all. From how we build our houses and cities to how we travel around, our future daily lives will be shaped by engineers and engineering.


We will be asking "What will a net zero world look like in 2050 and how are engineers part of the picture?"


We reworked 18th and 19th century artworks to imagine a net zero carbon future shaped by engineering. 


Painters such as Constable, Monet, Pissarro, and Van Gogh first made their marks in the art world during the industrial revolution. While this era drove economic benefits and improvements in living standards for many, we now know that it triggered the start of rising carbon emissions leading to global warming.


Ahead of COP26, masterpieces by these iconic artists have been reimagined to inspire conversations about the kinds of engineering advances that could help to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2050.


Visit the reimagined artworks in the Museum of Engineering Innovation


Inspired by our Engineer the Future exhibition? We want to hear what you think a net zero future, shaped by engineers, will look like. Tell us on Twitter using #EngineerTheFuture #ThisisEngineeringDay and tagging @ThisisEng and we’ll pick out the most inspiring suggestions to reflect in a fifth painting in our Engineer the Future Exhibition


Last year we hosted 5 Q&As about engineering in sport, sustainability, health and more – watch below


How technology is changing the way we communicate. Discover more about virtual reality, augmented reality, the evolution of communication technology, and how engineers will shape the future of how we communicate.

How to respond to a global health crisis. This year has been turbulent and has seen us face new problems that require quick solutions. Engineers have been at the forefront in providing new, fast, and safe ways to fight the COVID-19 crisis, from designing new ventilators and 3D printing PPE for healthcare workers, to creating apps to help distribute food.

How to become an engineer. Engineering is a varied career that solves problems in everything from medicine to music, sports cars to sustainable energy. There are apprenticeship and university routes into engineering, no matter your learning style.

Engineering and Sport. For This is Engineering Day 2020, learn more about how engineers make a difference in sport. From motorsport to the Paralympics, engineers help athletes perform at their best.

How to engineer a sustainable world. For This is Engineering Day 2020, learn more about how engineers make a difference to our environment and help build a sustainable future. Discover more about developments in green energy, going carbon neutral, and what smart cities could look like.

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Last year we announced our plans to create a new virtual museum: The Museum of Engineering Innovation. The museum celebrates the often-unseen engineering that is all around us. It serves to shine a spotlight on the engineers that are making a difference in our everyday lives. 


We also launched a public image library to counter negatively stereotyped imagery. The image library is free and provides diverse imagery to be used online and in publications to show the multiple sides and faces to engineering.


This is Engineering Day is supporting Tomorrow's Engineers Week