What is This is Engineering Day?

Is this what comes to mind when you think of engineers and engineering?


AI-generated images of typical engineer


No?  Yes?  Either way, it’s the image that online search engines keep showing us when we type in the word ‘engineer’. 


Some engineers do have to wear hard hats for their job, some of the time, but the majority of engineers who shape the world we live in don’t wear a hard hat regularly, and there are a huge variety of roles in engineering that aren’t visible in online search results. You only have to watch the films on this site to realise that engineers and engineering can be so much more.


From visual effects artists in the film industry, YouTube programmers, and rollercoaster designers to people developing more sustainable methods of farming, mechanical engineers designing prosthetic limbs, and engineers finding new ways to fight diseases, engineers play a very important role in shaping the world around us.


To celebrate the variety of roles engineers play and the contribution they make to all of our lives, we made 6 November This Is Engineering Day.


Companies like Amazon, Facebook, Ocado, the BBC, Network Rail, Google, Virgin Trains, and many more are celebrating the engineers that make their businesses work.  


Amazon has reprogrammed Alexa to answer questions about engineering and Facebook has created a film about one of their engineers, Felicia, who is shaping the future of Virtual Reality. If you’re in Portsmouth, check out Google’s Digital Garage, where they are running drop-in digital skills training sessions.  You can also get involved by:


  1. Following @ThisisEngineering on Instagram, to explore more inspiring stories about the people who shape our world
  2. Check out our This is Engineering Facebook, page @FollowWhatYouLove
  3. Discover what engineers and engineering really look like by visiting the This is Engineering image library www.flickr.com/ThisisEngineering - feel free to download and use the images
  4. Keep an eye out at train stations across the UK today for our This is Engineering films
  5. And don’t forget to ask ‘Alexa, what do engineers look like?’

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