Alan Proud, male orthotics technician engineer stands in workshop


Alan, from Newcastle, didn’t want to sit in a classroom or behind a computer. He likes working with his hands and being creative and so his job making custom braces and splints is perfect for him.

Male orthotics technician engineer stands in workshop
Male orthotics technician engineer in workshop
Digitally rendered leg with inflamed ligaments
Engineered leg cast

Alan joined Peacocks to do an apprenticeship in Industrial Applications because he wanted to learn skills while doing a job. After completing his apprenticeship, and with two Level 2 NVQs under his belt, he is now a senior orthotic technician and makes braces and surgical splints for people that need them with conditions like spina bifida, cerebral palsy or stroke.


These braces and splints help people either walk or be pain-free. Because every person is different, Alan needs to be able to make every item unique for the user, and he likes knowing that something he has made is going to help make someone’s life better.

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