Dr Enass Abo-Hamed, female chemical engineer, in safety goggles in laboratory


Power Pioneer. Chemical engineer at H2Go Power.

Female chemical engineer in laboratory
Engineered solar panels
A lit up city at night
Female chemical engineer, holds up invention in laboratory

I’m from Palestine and I’m an activist, businesswoman and entrepreneur. I co-founded H2GO, an engineering company developing new ways to store clean energy when I was 28. I completed a PhD at Cambridge University, after taking undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in Applied Chemistry at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.


I have always been an activist at heart. From a young age, I thought about air pollution, climate change and the effects of burning oil and gas for energy on the environment. It was only during a trip to Africa when studying for my PhD, that I realised how much of a luxury electricity was, with some hospitals only receiving power for 12 hours of the day, and households rushing to do all their cooking and reading while the electricity lasts.


I saw this as a problem that engineering could fix, and in the process, help save lives and the environment too. I founded my company straight out of Cambridge University - focussing on developing a hydrogen battery that would be able to store clean and renewable energy in countries without an electrical grid.


For me, engineering is simply about wanting to solve a problem and having the passion and the imagination to create a solution. It’s a combination of being creative and solving problems, and applying those two skills, while working in a team, to address some of the biggest problems humanity faces.


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