The Museum of Engineering Innovation

We’re creating a virtual Museum of Engineering Innovation, and from 4 November you’ll be able to see a preview of virtual exhibits on Google Arts & Culture.


From the recycled, breathable bricks used in the 2020/2021 Serpentine Pavillion to the rainmaking capability of theatrical performances, access-all-areas wheelchairs to 3D printed musical instruments, our ambition is that all visitors to this interactive, multimedia digital space will be able to explore the ground-breaking engineering innovations that are tackling big societal issues and shaping the everyday. 


The Museum of Engineering Innovation celebrates the often-unseen engineering that is all around us. It serves to shine a spotlight on the engineers that are making a difference to our everyday lives. Our mission? To inspire the next generation of engineers to be the difference.


Tailor-made for the pandemic era, the museum features exhibits from all over the country and is accessible via the museum QR Code. The museum will be calling on organisations and individuals to nominate their own exhibits with the view of growing the collection over time.


So much of the engineering around us goes unnoticed or unappreciated, so come visit the Museum of Engineering Innovation.

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