Design is Engineering

Do you love it when things look great and work well? Do you enjoy solving problems and doing it with style? Design engineering turns creativity into real-life solutions, producing products and services that will change the future and make life better.

Whatever you're interested in, whatever your background, choose engineering and choose to be the difference in the world.

Felicia works for Facebook, using cutting edge Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality technology to create worlds and new ways to connect people.

Designing, crafting and making something new - with engineering, you can take an idea and turn it into reality. Whether it’s to make movies or build robots, being an engineer lets you turn your creativity into a career.

For Daniela, it was imagination and a love of design that brought her to engineering. Now, her 3D creation software makes it easy for people to transform bold ideas into reality.

Where to next?

Find out more about how you can turn what you love into engineering, and what a future in engineering could look like, by exploring the links below. And if you have a question or comment, get in touch, we’d be happy to help!