Film & TV are engineering

From photography to CGI, costume to designing hi-tech sets, engineering brings ideas to life at every level on set and screen. Film is a varied and exciting industry, and some of the most cutting-edge technology is developed here first. 

Jahangir grew up making cardboard cameras and pretending he was behind the scenes. Now he works for the BBC as a Broadcast Engineer, keeping the programmes on air. From music festivals to political debates, Jahangir is there with the action and makes sure everyone watching doesn’t miss a moment.

Sonya combined her love for storytelling with her love for maths to build a career in the film industry. She’s made magic happen on screen by creating visual effects for films like Beauty and the Beast and Avatar.

Meet David. Code Composer. He’s crafting code to bring music to millions of people. Find out how you can be the difference

Where to next?

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