Lithium batteries are often discarded with up to 80% of life left. The way they are manufactured limits their capacity for being repurposed. Amrit believes the future is in repairing and reusing instead of discarding batteries and wants to discourage a throwaway culture.

Amrit studied chemistry and then chemical engineering at the University of Birmingham. He has always been interested in lowering carbon emissions and promoting a greener future. Amrit set up Aceleron to make a difference in the world of energy and batteries.

Amrit and his team make a range of lithium batteries that are easier to repair and recycle using non-permanent assembly methods.

Amrit’s batteries are lightweight yet robust enough to endure harsh environments, providing an accessible source of energy wherever needed. They are currently helping residential energy systems for use in places such as the Caribbean, enabling efficient energy storage with improved resilience to natural disasters. The batteries can also be used for solar energy storage.

Amrit is making a difference by making batteries sustainable.