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Meet real engineers

From movie makers to robot builders, from classroom learners to globetrotters, our heroes reveal why they chose engineering and how they followed their passions into a rewarding career.

Nora Schillinger

Energy Saving Innovator

I've always been fascinated by the future and ways to make it better, so I create new things which can help people make their homes greener.

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Eneni Bambara-Abban

Robotics Trailblazer

The most rewarding thing about being a robotics engineer is the fact it lets my creativity shine.

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Harvey Hudson

Net Zero Navigator

I'm an apprentice helping companies hit their net zero targets. I love this hands-on approach to learning while I'm helping to solve big problems.

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Charlotte Wilkes, female apprentice mechanical engineer smiling in workshop environment

Charlotte Wilkes

Energy Revolutionary

As an apprentice working on fusion energy, I am working on engineering solutions which could change the way we all live.

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Ellis Parry, a male software engineer and CEO/Founder of neumind, an app to help people and their support network with rehabilitation

Ellis Parry

Recovery Champion

My brother's brain injury inspired me to develop an app which helps improve recovery journeys for patients at difficult times.

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Lucy Hughes, femail product designer

Lucy Hughes

Ocean Protector

I create biodegradable plastic to help reduce single-use plastic waste using fish guts and red algae.

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George Imafidon, male mechanical engineer who designs electric vehicles

George Imafidon

Racecar Reinventor

I design Extreme-E race cars, making race cars faster, better, and more sustainable.

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Olivia Sweeney, female chemical engineer

Olivia Sweeney

Fragrance Finder

I decided that being an engineer was the best way to make an impact.

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Ben Crowther, male design engineer, smiles at the camera while holding freshly grown lettuce

Ben Crowther

Farming Futurist

I have developed a new way to farm using less water to feed more people and reduce the carbon footprint of farming.

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Milly Hennayake, female civil engineer, smiles at camera

Milly Hennayake

Flood Fighter

I loved maths and wanted a job that would help people, and decided to be an engineer.

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Halvard Grimstad, male robotics engineer

Halvard Grimstad

Robot Maker

The robots I'm creating will revolutionise farming, and they're already working in the field doing everything from picking, ploughing and weeding.

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Dr Enass Abo-Hamed, female chemical engineer

Dr Enass Abo-Hamed

Power Pioneer

I have always been an activist at heart, and developing new ways to store clean energy means my work will help save lives and protect the environment.

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Tanda Kabanda looking directly at the camera and smiling

Tanda Kabanda

Tech Trendsetter

I am a software engineer for ASOS, building technology that fundamentally changes how people experience fashion.

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David Trevelyan, software engineer smiles at the camera

David Trevelyan

Code Composer

I loved playing with virtual instruments, but didn't think I could do it as a job. But I worked on AI-generated music and am now a senior software engineer at TikTok.

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Michelle Hicks, female civil engineer, smiles at the camera in a theme park

Michelle Hicks

Thrill Designer

I have worked on water rides, animatronics and walk-through attractions with custom smells and special effects.

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Joshua Macabuag, male structural engineer

Joshua Macabuag

Catastrophe Consultant

In the aftermath of natural disasters such as earthquakes or tsunamis, I use my skills as a structural engineer to help people.

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Pavlina Akritas, female electrical engineer

Pavlina Akritas

Light Painter

I am a lighting engineer working for Arup, and have designed lighting for fashion shows, museums and art galleries.

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Jahangir Shah

Broadcast Hero

I was always fascinated by TV and what went on behind the scenes, now I make sure that all the equipment works so a show stays on air.

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Vinita Marwaha Madill standing and smiling with her arms crossed with a background of space technology equipment.

Vinita Marwaha Madill

Spacesuit Designer

From dreaming about being an astronaut, I went on to design a space suit and help astronauts with tasks on the International Space Station.

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Male orthotics technician engineer stands in workshop

Alan Proud

Walk Wizard

I like working with my hands and being creative and so my job making custom braces and splints is perfect. Every customised item I make is helping make someone's life better.

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Felicia Williams, female product design engineer

Felicia Williams

VR/AR Visionary

I shape how we connect with each other and uses tech to create worlds where we can interact.

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Todd Downs - sports car specialist

Todd Downs

Sports Car Specialist

I always thought supercars were supercool, and then work experience made me realise an apprenticeship could lead to a career in this industry.

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Sophie Harker: Female aerospace engineer in aircraft hangar with plane

Sophie Harker

Flight Futurist

I love knowing that there are aircraft flying in the sky with designs I have worked on.

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George Frodsham, male chemical engineer, smiles at camera and stands in a laboratory

George Frodsham

Disease Defender

I thought engineering was only about cars and bridges, but I'm building things to help the human body and want my invention to save lives.

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Female civil engineer, stands in well-lit underground tunnel

Ala Hammad

Underground Visionary

My passion is for the vast buildings and structures we use every day, and I work on incredible infrastructure projects changing the way we live.

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Chris Caulcrick, male mechanical engineer

Chris Caulcrick

Body Re-builder

I was always captivated by gadgets and technology and found myself drawn to robotics. Now I develop robotic exoskeletons, following my passion while helping people.

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Sonya Teich, female software engineer with explosions in the background

Sonya Teich

Dream Maker

I combine maths and art, using both the creative and technical sides of my brain to bring stories to life through effects on the big screen.

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Orla Murphy, female engineering quality manager, smiles at the camera in an anechoic chamber

Orla Murphy

Audio Designer

My degree course mixed science and music, and now I work to make every car driver and passenger feel like they're in a concert hall on their journey.

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Charles Burr, male mechanical engineer

Charles Burr

Workout Hacker

By combining boxing with technology, I bring together my passions for sport and engineering to help top athletes improve their game.

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Bethan Murray, female engineering production manager, next to an aircraft engine

Bethan Murray

Flight Perfector

As part of my apprenticeship I worked on building nuclear submarines and aircraft engines in Derby.

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Daniela Paredes Fuentes, female design engineer

Daniela Paredes Fuentes

Wonder Maker

I realised I could bring my art and design ideas into reality through engineering.

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James, male sports engineer, smiles at camera on a tennis court

James Spurr

Tennis Technologist

Sports engineering means I work with cutting-edge technology while being practical and creative. I love that my research can influence a global game.

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Female software engineer smiles at camera

Aurelia Specker

Code Creator

I went from studying languages to working for one of the well-known social media platforms – Twitter (X).

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Lucy Richardson, female noise and acoustics engineer, smiles at camera in anechoic chamber

Lucy Richardson

Sound Sculptor

I am one of the acoustic engineers behind the Dyson Supersonic hairdryer and have helped invent quiet bladeless fans.

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