Ala Hammad, female civil engineer, stands in well-lit underground tunnel


Underground Visionary. Civil engineer at Tideway.

Female civil engineer, stands in well-lit underground tunnel
Escalators for entering underground station
Civil engineer in tunnel
Interior of a long underground tube tunnel

I am a Civil and Tunnelling Engineer with a passion for the vast buildings and structures we use every day, and…for all things beauty too. Not what you might imagine when you hear the word ‘engineer’, I apply my creativity to both areas, working on incredible infrastructure projects, like Crossrail, High Speed 2, and Tideway.


I’m Irish-Palestinian and I’ve been fascinated by transport, tunnels and large infrastructure from an early age. I enjoyed learning about designing and making from my grandfather, who was a carpenter. This led to my curiosity about how other things like buildings and tunnels are made, and inspired me to pursue a future in engineering. I completed a Structural Engineering degree at Cork Institute University, followed by a Master’s degree in Transport Planning. 


When I’m not on site, I’m running my beauty and lifestyle blog, giving tips on everything from skincare to engineering!


Having been given advice at school that didn’t reflect my interests, I want everyone to know that they can follow their interests into engineering and that it’s accessible to everyone.

Where to next?

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