Felicia Williams, female product design engineer

Felicia Williams

VR/AR Visionary. Product designer at Facebook.

Anime-style astronauts
Silhouetted figure with digital projected visor
Hand in augmented reality
Female product design engineer in virtual reality headset

As a child, I loved playing Super Mario Bros. and Legend of Zelda on my original Nintendo Entertainment System. Now I work for Facebook, using cutting edge Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality technology to create worlds and new ways to connect people.

I have always loved art and using my imagination. Growing up in Oklahoma in the US, my friends and I would create imaginary worlds to play in or read and tell stories. I wanted to be a writer or illustrator and loved comic books. At school, I loved art and English literature, as well as learning new things about the world in science classes. My biggest dream was to be a comic book writer and to tell stories. 

I studied Painting and New Media at Cornell University in the US. While there, I got to work in their “VR Cave” and learned about game theory and interactive design. In my free time, I would sing in my a cappella group or play video games - Final Fantasy and Grandia were my favourites. During university, I realised there were many ways to tell stories and build worlds to connect people. Books and comics are one way, using video games and VR is another.

After starting a career in video games, I am now a product designer at Facebook in London. I shape how we connect with each other and uses tech to create worlds where we can interact. Product design can solve problems in a visual and human-focused way. I love the excitement of developing new ideas and cutting edge technology, and that my work in VR can give people all over the globe new opportunities to connect. Technology means people can share knowledge, no matter where they are in the world.

My work has no borders. I work in mixed teams with other engineers and designers to innovate and problem-solve together - the boundaries are fluid and great ideas can come from anywhere. I love working in diverse teams and believes that engineering lets you be true to yourself and build ideas to help people. I want to engineer a more connected future for all.

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