Orla Murphy, female engineering quality manager, smiles at the camera in an anechoic chamber

Orla Murphy

Electrical engineer at Jaguar Land Rover.

Female electronics and quality engineer stands with JLR vehicle in sound testing anechoic chamber
Female electronics and quality engineer uses a laptop in workshop
Female electronics and quality engineer with JLR vehicle in sound testing anechoic chamber
Female electronics and quality engineer plugs in speaker in workshop

I grew up in County Cork in the Republic of Ireland and have loved music since a young age. Now, I work for Jaguar Land Rover and have designed and perfected sound systems to produce the best sound when on the move.


When I was 16, I won the Maths, Physics and Chemistry Category of the BT Young Scientist competition in Ireland. I loved the challenge of investigating a problem and came up with a solution involving bubbles. I did well in science and maths classes but I loved playing music too, which made me feel pulled in different directions. I wanted to find a university course that combined all my interests.


I found a course that mixed science and music perfectly at the University of Glasgow and graduated with an MEng in Electronic Engineering with Music.


I worked for Jaguar Land Rover as an Audio Engineer. I have tested and tweaked in-car sound systems both in the lab and on the road. I want to make every driver and passenger feel like they are in a concert hall on their journey! I have worked with speakers, microphones, and amplifiers to create the best sound features in a vehicle. I tested state of the art sound systems with every type of music, from Ed Sheeran to Mozart.


Next, I was part of the “Squeak and Rattle Team”. This team finds unwanted noises in the car and gets rid of them. From rattling door handles to windscreen wipers, all affect the sound and driving experience. I’ve worked with many teams across JLR and now I work as the Software Change Robustness manager, making sure that new software for the car is up to scratch. 


Today’s cars have computing power equal to 70 laptops and are becoming even more electronic and smart. My job is to make sure all the electronics, including the sound system, work perfectly. I have worked in problem solving to ensure any issues with new designs were fixed, working with everything from windows to parking sensors. 


I used to think engineering was not very glamorous. Now I travel the world and see the newest cars and tech years before anyone else. I have moved around the company in many interesting jobs and always learns new skills to grow my career. I was even the “Lead Black Belt in problem solving for electrical engineering” – a real title!

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