Where to next?

There's more to engineering than design, health, space, film, tech... it’s almost everywhere you look. Engineering has a role to play in developing beauty products, protecting the environment, making the world a better place, and everything from film, festivals, and food, to medicine, music, theatre, and travel. Watch this space for more short films on these topics, and follow us on Facebook for lots more inspiration.

Has this got you thinking about a future in engineering? Want to find out more about whether it’s for you, and how you could get there?

You can take a variety of different routes, including through apprenticeships, vocational qualifications and university, and there are a range of subjects that you can study before you leave school to develop useful skills, including science, maths, design and technology, art and computing.

You might also like to find out more about work experience, or how you can test your skills through games, quizzes and competitions.

The Tomorrow’s Engineers website has all this, plus lots more helpful information.

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